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If you’re unsure how much impact kitchen cabinet painting refinishing can have on your home’s value and appearance in the Minneapolis area, it’s time to head to the refrigerator and look around. The kitchen is the hub of every home, and it’s the first room people notice when they walk inside.

While fancy appliances may glitter and shine for a while, it’s your kitchen cabinets that are designed to fit with the space. If they’re looking drab, worn, faded, or out of date, maybe it’s time to update them with cabinet painting from your local painting professionals, Metro Precision Painting. 

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Knobs and pulls, doors and drawers. It might all seem like basic building blocks for any kitchen. But make no mistake, there are huge differences when it comes to your kitchen’s look. Oak cabinetry may have a classic look, but it isn’t everyone’s taste and it doesn’t always fit the rest of the home’s décor. When cabinet refinishing is on your list of painting projects to complete, the results can be surprising.

Professionally painted cabinets can:

  • Boost your home’s value. Especially for kitchen that look like they’re decades old and the finish is wearing, cabinet painting will raise your home’s resale value. Whether you’re putting it on the market or getting an appraisal, refinished cabinets could make a massive difference on your equity position.
  • Save you money. If you want a new look but don’t want to spend tens of thousands on a new kitchen, cabinet refinishing is the perfect solution. For a fraction of the price of new cabinets, you can have a whole new look and feel to your home’s de facto meeting place.
  • Allow you to personalize your home. A splash of color or a classy black-and-white look. Choose from an unlimited selection of colors and techniques to make your house feel even more like yours.
  • Save you time. A complete kitchen renovation including new cabinetry can easily take a week or longer while cabinet painting can be done in just a couple days with much less mess.
  • Prevent waste. Rather than tossing out good cabinets that just don’t have the same appeal they once did, a fresh coat of paint can give them new life, saving them from the landfill.

Free up your time and money for renovations elsewhere in your home, or take that much-needed trip you’ve been putting off. Kitchen cabinet refinishing by Metro Precision Paint is ideal for homeowners all over the Minneapolis area including BloomingtonEden Prairie, Wayzata, Eagan, Richfield, and beyond.

Cabinet Refinishing Done Right

Rather than grabbing a mini roller, a good quality brush, and spray paint from Menard’s, get the precision touch of professional painters to refinish your cabinets. While it might look straightforward, getting the job done right takes practice, finesse, and professional grade materials and tools.

As your local painting contractors, we know what it takes to give your cabinets a new lease on life. We will:

  • Remove the doors and drawers for easy access to sand and prep them for paint.
  • Remove the hardware and hinges. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade to modern pulls or soft-close hinges!
  • Protect areas that you don’t want painted using drop cloths and painter’s tape.
  • Apply even coats of quality paint for a professional finish. Whether we paint the doors alone or the cabinet bases too, a consistent coat of paint is key to a long-lasting, enviable finished product.
  • Re-install hardware, doors, and drawers and clean up after ourselves.


All you need to do first is empty the cabinets!

Save money getting your cabinets painted

New kitchen cabinets can easily eat up 40% of a major renovation budget – or more! In many cases, there’s no need to rip them out and start over. Metro Precision Painting can give you a look you want with your existing kitchen cabinets and a crisp smooth finish with the color of your choice.

Not sure what color to pick for your kitchen cabinet painting? Have a free color consultation with one of our professionals. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation estimate for the complete scope of your project so you know exactly what to expect.

At Metro Precision Painting, expect the ‘WOW’ factor. We’re passionate about paint, and it shows. Ask us for a free quote on your cabinet refinishing or painting today. 

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